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Link to other Organizations who maybe able to help you.


Also suggest posting in facebook groups such as :

- Fort Bend/ Houston for Animals! Rescue, Foster, Adopt, Pet advice

- Houston Save-a-Pet and Pet Support

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If you want to submit an animal in need please fill out our intake questionnaire so we can gather as much information as possible about the animal.  We understand that sometimes an animal is just found but answer the best you can. 

We are a foster-based rescue so the information you provide can help us look for a foster who will fit the animal's needs.  We cannot take in animals without a foster in place.  Holding the animal for a few days while looking for owners or letting us look for a foster is a must we have no facility so we can't just come pick up your animal.   You having a foster already in place willing to step up helps as well with us taking in the animal. 

We try to help as best we can but if intake is full, we will recommend other resources.  We do not require a donation to take in an animal, but any donation, large or small is greatly appreciated, as we run on donations.

Thank you!!!!

(Know that there are no NO-kill shelters in Texas this includes the SPCA, CAPS, and Humane society. Owner surrenders can be euthanized immediately at any shelter. )

 Intake Form and  Required Information