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Pet​s to Foster

Pet​s for Ado​ption

Being a Foster Parent

What does a foster do?


Many people want to help the animals in need but are unsure of becoming a foster parent. Here are our answers to the most common questions asked:


  • How long will I foster?- Until the animal finds their forever home. Could be weeks or months. 
  • What am I responsible for? -
  • Providing it shelter in the form of a kennel (it  helps if you have one if not the rescue can provide one) IN your house (no animal of LPRR will be allowed to be kept outside) 
  • Food
  • Love
  • Exercise 
  • Inexpensive topical flea meds (if need presciption strength because topical isn't working ( sometimes in the year fleas are worse than others)  rescue will pay for a dose of Bravecto) 
  • Staying in contact with the rescue about behavior, health or any condition that changes your fostering status, 
  • Transporting to and from vet appointments & events
  • Working at least 1 event a month. 
  • Basic training in which we can assist you in.
  • Notifying us of any behaviors you need help with immediately​!!!! We are here to help you, you are never alone.
  • Providing Pictures, Videos and a filling out a bio questionnaire on your animal 
  • Giving 72 hour notice for the animal to be removed if necessary or paying for boarding if you want it out immediately.

  • Being understanding that most rescue animals come with some baggage and try to sympathize from where they came from and work with us to help them grow.
  • What does the rescue cover? -
  • All medical bills,
  • Heartworm medicine 
  • kennel,
  • leash ,collar & rescue tag
  • anything we have in donation storage at the time that can help you 
  • Behaviorist helping with issues (case by case basis) 
  • Help with behaviors (advice, suggestions, a visit by a director to see the problem and help correct it )
  • Marketing & Adoption events for you to bring your foster to attend.
  • Boarding on vacation or away 
  • I am afraid of getting too attached and having my heart broken when they leave - This is something  that will happen but with time and knowing they have a second chance at a good life because of you eases the pain. And is much better than them being euthanized because no one stepped up.
  • What information does the rescue need? - Glad you asked, we have a foster form click on the blue button to apply to foster! 


We recommend all of our foster animals be kept separate from your pack if brought straight from the shelter or streets, until cleared by our vet as we do not know what they could have. 90% of cases there's nothing contagious but its always better safe than sorry. As well as we recommend keeping seperated until you can properly introduce the animals one by one to see if they get along. We try to provide as much temperament info as we can gather  but sometimes it's just not possible. 

 Again this is recommended, if you do not have the room or think they are fine mingling that is on you the foster. We are not liable if your animal gets sick or injured by ours.

  Fosters are liable if their pets , strays they bring home, or other fosters from other rescues get our LPRR foster animal sick or injured. So please follow our recommendations as best as possible for the safety or your animals and ours.

          ​Thank you for saving a life!