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Pet​s to Foster

Pet​s for Ado​ption

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Boarding/ Training fee is

$12 a day per dog which

covers boarding, food,

exercise and training.

The costs add up quick

$12 per day per dog

$84 per week per dog

$336 per week for all 4 dogs

​Some dogs come with more baggage than others do but they still deserve our help, patience and love. 

Here at Lucky Penny Rox Rescue we believe in rehabilitant un-socialized or untrained dogs.  Not throwing them away or putting them down.

The dogs pictured are all amazing, loving and loyal dogs.  Due to their former owners lack of training and socializing them properly they are a bit rough around the edges. 

Luckily, they ended up with us who believe in second chances.  We work with an amazing facility who not only boards our dogs but also helps us evaluate them and their issues.  They work with them to blossom into the amazing dogs we know they can be.

Each dog’s length of training is different depending on their issues and how fast they catch on.  None are human aggressive, some are strong and lack basic manners and others lack socialization. 

We will not release these dogs to a foster or adopter until deemed ready by the facility and its staff.  And we receive a full evaluation of what they need to keep succeeding in life.  We want to set these babies up for success and not to be dumped again or end up euthanized.

Please help us help them!  It is not their fault no one took the time to train or socialize them. ​

Boarders in Rehab!