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About Us

We are a small southern rescue with a heart for animals as big as Texas the state we live in!  LPRR is a foster based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit rescue group located in Ft Bend County Texas & we believe in Rehab & second chances.

We do not discriminate. We take in all cats and dogs of regardless of their age, size, breed or medical issues as long as we have funds and fosters to accommodate them.

Most people know what rescues do they take in animals and vet them and turn around and adopt them out sometimes without a home check & to the first adopter that offers and it becomes a numbers game. You wont find that here at LPRR ,while we do try to move them through quickly so we can help the next set of animals we have our fosters take the time to get to know their rescue animal.

We help provide them with a great support team of volunteers, training if the animal needs it, kennels, leashes, collars, whatever helps our fosters out. The animals are very important to us and that we know them on a one on one basis.  We what to know each individual animal needs and what kind of home they will succeed in.

 While vetting is important and we do that right away and treat all illnesses/ injuries we feel knowing the animal is important as well in setting them up with a forever that will be match for them. 

Because we want matches we do not let animals leave straight from events applications have to be reviewed & approved, home checks have to be done & sleepover trial runs to make sure the family is committed to the animal they have chosen. We do everything we can to make sure these animals are being placed in the right home for them. We feel this helps us severely decrease the chances of them being dumped or returned. Just because people want a certain animal does not mean we will adopt them out them they have to meet that animals life style needs. Such as some are shy and need patient owners, some don't like other species, some don't do well with kids & high energy. We work really hard to please everyone so the animals needs are met and no ones getting an animal they decide isn't for them later. 

Vetting is normally the biggest cost to a rescue and while it remains a top cost as well with us training and rehabilitation costs more. Here at LPRR we do not avoid large untrained dogs we try to embrace them. Even our little ones have problems sometimes in the manners department. We keep a behaviorist/trainer on call for home visits to our fosters which cost the rescue $85 an hour. For the dogs no one is willing to foster because their large size and hyper energy turn people off we send to a boarding/training facility wear they work out their problems & learn, socialization, obedience and manners. If they end up at the boarding facility we work with its $12 a day per dog which equals $84 a week you can see the more dogs that need this place the bills add up quick. We are determined though into getting all our animals to be the best pet they can be and from there we assess what homes they will do best in. Not many rescues will spend the time to rehab dogs it's too much money and time. Here at LPRR we believe every animal is precious and has a home out there somewhere for them. 

Donations are how the rescue lives on each animal costs us from $150- $200 just to vet and that's if they're healthy that doesn't include injuries, sicknesses, training etc that we put into them. Your donations will never be wasted here every dime goes to the animal's , food , wormer, heart worm medicine, flea medicine, our banners, flyers, even our website comes out of the directors pockets so every dime that is donated can go straight to vetting or training!

Real Animal Scenario of what we spend on our animals if they need it and usually they do need more than just basic vetting:

Basic Vetting $150-$200

Kennel Cough treatment  $20-$100

Surgery /Illness: $500-$1000

HW + $300-$480  for treatment

Training ( potty training, obedience, leash training)

$15 for travel of behaviorist and $85 an hour 

Serious training not socialized 

3 months of boarding at our facility $1,008

As you can see we work very hard on our animals and donations are greatly appreciated & used fully on the animals! 

  Our goal is to find forever homes the first time and not have animals returned. We're the rescue that cares!  

Please join us in rescuing unwanted animals and educating the public about spay/neutering and the millions of unnecessary euthanizations that happen every year.